Since 1995 Archbold’s has offered quality full service in-house embroidery services. We digitize the design in our facility where we can either redesign original artwork or facilitate our own designs on the fly for quick high quality turnaround times. We specialize in vector artwork, embroidery designs and sport apparel decoration including appliqué.

Depending on the fabric, embroidery can be a better fit than screen print or heat transfer. We have professionals with many years of experience to help you with any decisions you need to make for your embroidery piece. At Archbold’s we use proper stitch types to get the best quality embroidered piece. We take the time to complete the piece so you will be proud to show it off. Digitizing is critical to the quality of the custom embroidery, Archbold’s has many years of experience with embroidery to make sure you are satisfied in the final product.